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Boost SEO with affiliate program, backlinks, and programmatic content. Potential for 150-200K monthly revenue, 40K searches for top keyword, and 50K+ affiliates.

How Headshot Pro Earns $3.6 Million Per Year with Backlinks, Affiliates & SEO

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Headshot Pro is an AI-powered headshot generator tool created by Danny Postma. According to Google & Ahrefs, Headshot Pro earns an estimated $3.6 million per year.
In this deep dive, we'll explore the strategies Danny uses to drive growth for Headshot Pro, including backlinks, affiliates, programmatic SEO and free tools.

Overview of Headshot Pro

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  • Headshot Pro focuses on the keyword "AI headshot generator" which gets ~40k searches per month
  • The domain rating is 58 and estimated organic traffic is 40k visits per month
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  • Top ranking pages are:
    • AI Headshot Generator
    • How Much Do Professional Headshots Cost?
    • Headshot Pro Reviews
    • Modern Real Estate Headshots
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  • Over 1,000 referring domains linking to Headshot Pro
  • Decreasing paid search traffic indicates growing organic traffic

Backlink Strategy Analysis

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  • Headshot Pro links to related products like ProfilePicture.ai (created by Danny Posma)
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  • These products link back to each other to increase domain authority
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  • 53 dofollow backlinks pointing to Headshot Pro
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  • Affiliate + backlink from Jenny Lakeman
    • Jenny promotes Headshot Pro for 30% commission
    • She wrote a blog post on the best AI headshot generators
    • Her site has high conversion rates, drives significant traffic

How You Can Build Backlinks Like Headshot Pro

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  • Reach out to affiliates with high conversion rates
  • Offer 40-50% commission on sales
  • Get them to review your tool and embed affiliate links
  • Build a network between your products to cross-link value

Leveraging Affiliate Marketing

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  • Sites like Rewardful share that Headshot Pro earns $50k/month just from affiliates
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  • At a 30% commission rate, total sales likely over $150k/month
  • Big publishers write dedicated case studies on Headshot Pro's affiliate program
  • Affiliates incentivized to promote Headshot Pro for high payout

Tapping Into Affiliate Potential

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  • Launch a generous affiliate program (30-50% commissions)
  • Reach out to bloggers and publishers individually
  • Offer custom bonuses for top performers
  • Write case studies showing affiliate success

Ranking Well With Programmatic SEO

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  • Headshot Pro ranks for a variety of long-tail keywords
  • Specific pages target keywords like "LinkedIn headshot generator"
  • Creates location pages such as "headshots in Cleveland"
  • Builds directory pages for local headshot photographers

Implementing Programmatic SEO

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  • Identify hundreds of relevant long-tail keywords
  • Create specific landing pages around each keyword
  • Produce unique, high quality content for each page
  • Interlink pages together to distribute authority

Generating Leads With Free Tools

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  • Free AI Headshot Generator tool asks for email before using
  • Lead magnet incentivizes visitors to sign up
  • Nurture sequence upsells to paid version
  • Free tool is the 2nd highest traffic source overall

Developing An Effective Lead Magnet

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  • Offer an entirely free version with limited features
  • Gate functionality by requiring email signup
  • Send 5-10 emails pitching your paid tool
  • Provide discount code or exclusive trial as incentive

Why Headshot Pro Is So Successful

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In summary, Headshot Pro has capitalized on:
  • Increasing search interest in AI headshot tools
  • High domain authority by interlinking related products
  • Generous affiliate incentives driving recommendations
  • Programmatic optimization around hundreds of keywords
  • Viral lead generation via free tool with email gate
Combined together, these strategies showcase how Headshot Pro has managed to aggressively grow revenue to an estimated $3.6 million per year.
Any business in the online headshot space can model these tactics to tap into this demand and carve out a piece of the market. With deliberate partnerships, SEO execution and value-driven lead magnets, it is possible to emulate this success.
The opportunity is expanding rapidly in this niche. By implementing even part of Headshot Pro's playbook, your own venture can start down the path of multi-million dollar revenue as well.
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