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Start a blog, target high-value keywords, and gain quality backlinks. Potential to rank for 20,000+ keywords and increase traffic by 1000%+.

Here is a live SEO audit of Guinea Pig, a Slack app for employee wellbeing. In this post, I'll share my analysis of their organic traffic strategies, backlink profile, and recommendations to help them improve search rankings.

Analyzing Guinea Pig's On-Page SEO

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Guinea Pig has a clear homepage headline targeting keywords like "employee wellbeing" and "Slack and Microsoft Teams". The rest of the page explains the app's purpose and value proposition.
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However, they currently rank #25 for their brand name "guinea pig" since it competes with the actual animal.
  • Improve brand name for SEO, e.g. Guinea Pig HR
  • Optimize for related keywords like "guinea pig slack"

Checking Backlinks from Microsoft & Slack

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Guinea Pig has links from the Microsoft and Slack app stores.
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The Microsoft link only points back to their privacy policy page, not the homepage. To improve, link back to homepage from Microsoft app page if possible.
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The Slack app page links back better, with links to both homepage and privacy policy.
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Overall, Guinea Pig needs more backlinks from quality sites. Their current links are weak with little equity passed.

Comparing to Competitor Donut

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A competitor - Donut, has a much higher domain rating of 75+ due to being mentioned on many sites.
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For example, Donut earned a link from this popular icebreakers post with 21k visits/month. Such links pass both equity and visits.
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To replicate their success:
  • Analyze Donut's backlink profile
  • Identify best links to these high-authority articles
  • Reach out to get links inserted in similar posts

How to Get Targeted Backlinks

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Based on Donut's profile, Guinea Pig should focus on getting links from sites discussing:
  • Team building activities
  • Remote work tools
  • HR/culture articles
Outreach strategy:
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  • Sort Donut links by highest traffic
  • Contact site owners via email
  • Offer guest post swap, financial payment, etc in exchange for link
With persistence and value exchange, Guinea Pig can land web mentions leading to quality backlinks.

Importance of Starting a Blog

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Guinea Pig currently lacks a blog. Competitors like Donut actively publish posts like:
  • Fun office games
  • Virtual team building activities
  • Custom emoji ideas
Benefits of blogging:
  • Creates internal pages to gain keyword rankings
  • External sites can link to your evergreen content
  • Promote posts on social media, email newsletters etc.
Blogging should be an integral part of Guinea Pig's SEO and content strategy.

Content Ideas to Write About

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Here are some ideas for Guinea Pig's blog:
  • Healthy morning routines
  • Yoga exercises for teams
  • Remote work fitness challenges
  • Best Slack integrations
  • Building company culture
  • HR tips for employee wellbeing
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Focus on informational keywords that attract users interested in workforce culture and engagement.

Summary & Next Steps

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In summary, here are the key next steps:
  1. Improve links from Microsoft/Slack to homepage
  1. Analyze Donut's backlink profile to replicate
  1. Do outreach to get backlinks on listicles
  1. Start a blog with employee wellbeing content
  1. Promote blog content across channels
With a clear content strategy and targeted link building, Guinea Pig can better leverage SEO to attract more users to their Slack application.
Let me know on Twitter if you have any other tips for their organic growth!
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