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Optimize internal links, create link magnets, and target local "near me" searches. Potential to rank for 800K+ global monthly searches.

I Audited BetterPic's AI Headshot Generator Site - Here's What I Found

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I recently did a live SEO audit of BetterPic's AI headshot generator website to analyze their organic strategies, traffic sources, and areas for improvement. After digging into their site, here are my key findings and recommendations:

Landing Page Analysis

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BetterPic's landing page has solid on-page SEO fundamentals:
  • Optimized title tag and headings
  • Diversity in images showing AI headshots of different ethnicities
  • Structured data markup
  • Relevant alt text on images
However, the structured data could be improved by changing the name to "BetterPic" and description to "AI Headshot Generator". They could also potentially add an "offers" or "product" schema.

Domain Rating & Traffic

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Checking BetterPic's domain rating and traffic trends in Ahrefs, we see:
  • Long-term organic traffic growth, a positive sign
  • Spending on paid ads to drive additional traffic
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  • Top organic pages are localized "photo studios near me" pages
The "near me" pages are an interesting play on programmatic SEO to capture local search traffic for photo studios. This strategy alone is driving most of their organic traffic growth.

Blog Content Analysis

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BetterPic's blog is also driving strong organic growth through articles like "Business Photo Generator: The Ultimate Guide".
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What's working well:
  • Targeting relevant keywords
  • Publishing comprehensive, in-depth content
  • Clean page layouts with optimized headings and images
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To rank these pages even higher, BetterPic should focus on building high-quality backlinks specifically to the blog posts. Currently, most of their backlinks go to the homepage.

Backlink Profile

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Analyzing BetterPic's backlink profile reveals:
  • Homepage has the most referring domains
  • Blog posts and local pages have few backlinks
  • Some links coming from potential affiliate sites
To improve, BetterPic should aim to get at least 1 high-quality, relevant backlink to each blog post they want to rank. This will help boost search rankings.

Internal Linking

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Internal linking passes link equity to important pages. BetterPic has done a good job internally linking to key pages like "How to do AI Headshots".
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To optimize further:
  • Add more contextual internal links in blog post body content
  • Link from high UR pages to newer blog posts to boost their authority

Content Marketing Opportunities

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To earn more backlinks naturally, BetterPic could invest in creating "link magnet" content pieces like:
  • Original research/statistics on AI headshot usage
  • Infographics on benefits of AI headshots
  • Unique case studies showing how AI headshots drove results
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This type of content is more likely to get cited and linked to from other websites.

Other Recommendations

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  • Build out "types of headshots" pages with more backlinks to rank
  • Consider creating a free tool like an AI headshot optimizer
  • Pursue digital PR to get featured on top publications

Wrap Up

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Overall, BetterPic has a strong SEO foundation with a diverse organic strategy spanning localized pages, blogging, and solid on-page optimization.
The biggest opportunities are around link building - creating more "link-worthy" content and actively promoting blog posts to acquire backlinks.
By doubling down on these areas, BetterPic can accelerate their organic traffic growth and dominate the AI headshot space.
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